📞 Contact

Here are some good ways to contact Bret Comnes.

📬 Send me an email

Email is a good way to contact me. iMessage and google hangouts are also accepted at this address. I love to hear from anyone about anything (excluding spambots 🤖). I am also on signal. Email me for my phone number and we can connect securely.


🐈 Make an issue

Start a public conversation by creating a github issue.


🐦 Send me a tweet

Send me a public tweet or a private direct message at @uhhyeahbret.


💬 Ping me on irc

Send me a message on irc. My nickname on freenode is registerd as bret or you can leave a message in #hypermodules.


🔑 Sign my PGP Key

Sign my PGP key: 3705F4634DC3A1AC.


📻 Call me on HAM Radio

You can try to contact me with my call sign: KI7ILE. We will probably have to coordinate beforhand though.