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The informative appcachefacts.info now lives on a mirror here: appcache.offline.technology

(The old domain turned into spam)

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Replied to a post on aaron-gustafson.com:

Really cool work Aaron! I'm currently working on something similar myself, but It's taking a long time for all the pieces to properly fall into place:

  • Base (WIP): A base webmention/mircopub friendly jekyll boilerplate.
  • Gitpub (Prototype): A micropub/POSSE/Webmention endpoint.

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Replied to a post on notenoughneon.com:

Totally! Fun group of people and their new space is beautiful.

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Thanks Gifff Booth! ;O

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"She is sexy, but I never said she was easy." Yeeeeah buddy!

STEM outreach aside, way cool they landed on a freakin comet.

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TIL Cheap SATA Cables can catastrophically reduce transfer speeds.

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Hey Portland caribou is coming

Wonder ballroom Mar 3

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Replied to a post on snarfed.org:

Was there ever a Google Plus to Atom feed generator made? (PS These services are great!)

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$ pip install youtube-dl

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Finally, the LaTeX-Font-Settings.tmbundle has been updated to include all seven section scopes, so 1.0 it is.


Some things to come in the future:

  • Keep increasing the number of scope slectors.
  • Default resizing for \begin{} tags.
  • Blank selectors on other items people might want but innapropriate for default modificaiton.
  • Documentation on how to identify existing selectors or create your own selectors.