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Funny gif time

Also a demo of ipfs.io

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Hello from Opensource Bridge!

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Thousand isolation dressing

Fujifilm X100T Filters That Fit

Here is a lens filter setup that is compatible with the Fujifilm LC-X100S leather case used with a X100T:

X100t filter mounts

X100t filter mounts

The stack fits in the case almost perfectly.

X100t filter mounts

It fits under the case and doesn't increase the difficulty of removing the top cover.

It consists of:

Other filters and spacers are likely to work.

The Fujifilm AR-X100 Adapter Ring can be avoided all together if you put the lens filter and spacer ring on backwards. In addition to fitting in the case better, you get to keep using the little thread cover ring that comes on the camera.

Important: You have to use a spacer. The lens on the X100T extends out of the barrel quite a few mm, and you could damage the motor without enough space between the filter and the lens.

The only drawback is that the lens cap that comes with the camera wont fit any longer. Thats okay though because your top case is now the lens cap, and your primary lens is no longer vulnerable when the top cover is off.

X100t filter mounts

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Sidewalks and Skeletons - White Light ††††††‡▲▲ Name your own price

New Module: tmpr

New npm module:

tmpr (repo)


There are quite a few temp dir libraries out there, and most of them are super overkill: keeping track of state, offering sub-par cleanup options in some cases and generally offering more than is needed at any single point. After asking around in #pdxnode, ogd pointed out this seemingly obvious pattern:

mkdirp(path.join(os.tmpdir() + crypto.randomBytes()), cb)

Anyway, this approach still requires a bit of boilerplate and knowledge of standard libs so wrapping it up in a module can abstract those details away and offer a super simple abstraction to a common problem!

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node-gyp driving you to drink?

npm i pangyp -g &&  npm config set node-gyp pangyp

will solve all your problems.

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Replied to a post on kylewm.com:


What boilerplate changelog template do you use, and does it allign with metadata that can be sourced from project packaging (setup.py/requirements.txt)?