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Screenshot of Breadcrum.app
Breadcrum: a bookmarking service with full text archiving and search and podcasting support for media from all around the web. Send any media to your phone/laptop/watch/tv/car. Full text search every article you've ever read.


gumcast logo
Custom API service allowing you to subscribe to any product on Gumroad as a Podcast.

🥐 top-bun

Screenshot of hifiwi.fi
top-bun: a traditional web bakery made with html, md, css and js. A bakery themed web framework that’s as fun as making bread.

pkg automation

a picture of the future
Fully Automated Luxury Space Age Package Maintenance, as a blog post. (image Source)


Screenshot of npm-run-all2
Automated maintenance fork of npm-run-all. A module for organizing and running npm scripts in series and parallel. 11.1k dependents and growing.


Screenshot of cpx2
Automated maintenance fork of cpx. A module for fancy file copying, globbing, watching and transforming. 1.1k+ dependents and growing


Screenshot of deploy-to-neocities
deploy-to-neocities is a GitHub action that lets you effortlessly deploy a static website to Neocities with hyperefficient content aware diffing.


Screenshot of JSONFeed-to-RSS
Library to support a JSONFeed first workflow when generating legacy RSS feeds.


Screenshot of fetch-undici
fetch-undici provides universal exports for the fetch in the browser and Node.js.


Screenshot of mine.cc
mine.css is a classless stylesheet for making a website look more like a GitHub readme. It's a fork of style.css ported to post.css, CSS variables, darkmode and includes basic form styling.


Screenshot of async-folder-walker
async-folder-walker is an async-generator that emits information about contents inside of directory.


Screenshot of resolve-email
If you ever need to accept user generated emails, run them throughresolve-email. It will resolve the email address for deliverability, and also filter out a bunch of junk email providers.


Screenshot of uhtml-isomorphic
Universal exports of uhtml and uland. A small, high performance tagged template literal functional reactive template library. These are the best frontend module's you've never heard of.

GitHub Actions

Screenshot of netrc-actions
My collection of various GitHub Actions that I use and maintain.


Screenshot of lsp
Access window.localStorage keys as if they were an object. Uses recursive proxy objects.

Standard JS

Screenshot of Standard website
Maintainer, contributor and advisor to the Standard JS linter and formatter project, used by Timbl and B.Eich.


Screenshot of hifiwi.fi
HifiWi.fi: High fidelity internet products. Catchall DBA opensource/professional contracting entity.



Screenshot of Hyperamp
Cross platform audio library app. (Download)


rad screenshot
A look at my work at Little Star Media Inc.


Screenshot of Netlify website
I worked at Netlify on product features, platform architecture and open-source.

Archlinux Arm

arch arm logo
Automated provisioning of Archlinx Arm images for Rasberry Pi hardware with Hashicorp's Packer and other various micro-scale devops experiments.


VHS-Tape logo
Generic component unit testing with async/await. (Logo by @tony-go)


Datcast logo
Podcast exploring the people building the p2p web with @jimpick


Screenshot of elenacomnes.com website
A minimalist, creative website.


Screenshot of Browserify website
Maintainer and contributor to Browserify and ecosystem.


Screenshot of hypermodules website
Open source development studio LLC. (Closed 2021)


Screenshot of my terminal
These are my .dotfiles, don't wear em out. I've also written a few notes on how I like to do things.

$ edit

Screenshot of Tron Legacy theme.
Here are a few themes and plugins I help maintain, as well as my editor settings.


Screenshot of Node.js handbook
The Node.js handbook captures resources and anthropological artifacts relevant to learning Node.js.


Screenshot of goref
A Golang concentrate for refreshing your memory on the go programming language.

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