Bret Comnes

JS • Go • Swift


Screenshot of Hyperamp
Cross platform audio library app. (Download Beta)


Screenshot of hypermodules website
Experimental open source development guild and legal entity to assist in the development and publishing of open source apps.


Choo website screenshot
Maintainer and core contributor to the choo framework and ecosystem, a lightweight and decomposable alternative to frameworks like React.


Screenshot of nanocomponent life cycle
Primary author of Nanocomponent, a standalone component model that works well with choo. Shoutout lrlna for the algorithm illustration.

Standard JS

Screenshot of Standard website
Maintainer, contributor and advisor to the Standard JS linter and formatter project, used by Timbl and B.Eich.


Screenshot of Browserify website
Maintainer and contributor to Browserify and ecosystem.


Screenshot of Node.js handbook
The Node.js handbook captures resources and anthropological artifacts relevant to learning Node.js.


Screenshot of flattree website
Contributing to the Dat module ecosystem and provided early review of the hypercore protocol spec.


Screenshot of goref
A Golang concentrate for refreshing your memory on the go programming language.


Screenshot of level-auto-index
level-auto-index creates and maintains supplementary LevelDB indexes automatically.


Screenshot of Mooon.app
Creating Electron apps, developer tools and contributing to the Electron prebuild ecosystem to help improve native modules in Electron.


Screenshot of my terminal
These are my .dotfiles, don't wear em out. I've also written a few notes on how I like to do things.

$ edit

Screenshot of Tron Legacy theme.
Here are a few themes and plugins I help maintain, as well as my editor settings.

Late 2016 Reading List

Screenshot of Mooon.app
A list of things I was reading in late 2016.