Open for Work 2024

Happy New Year! My contract at Socket Supply Co is wrapping up after a productive 6 months of contributions and I am starting a rare open call for work.

Please check out my resume to see what I’ve been up to and enjoy some highlights below. If you think any of my qualities line up with your hiring needs, please let me know!

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Image of resume in 2024

Birds eye view: I have a variety of experience building software/SAAS infrastructure from the ground up and contributing to large existing codebase and orgs. I generate between 1500 and 3000+ contributions a year, some of which are captured for public scrutiny.

I work primarily in Javascript, and now Typescript for frontend and backend, but I also really love working in Go.

Image of GitHub contributions
A diagram of my publicly visible GitHub contributions for all time.

In addition to my professional work, I work on open source tools and products while my kids are napping on the weekend. My latest project is 🥖 breadcrum.net which lets you extract articles and media from around the web so that you can read/listen/watch them in your preferred podcast app and reader device. It’s free right now too! You should check it out.

Image of personal projects

I enjoy working within the GitHub open source model, and have publisher status on over 300 npm packages, some of which I even originated. There is a decent chance I could push code changes into your web projects!

Image of npm packages

One of my most recent package adoptions, npm-run-all2, grew from 1000 to over 11,000 dependents over the last few months. Incredible growth that hasn’t slowed down. I am pleased to contribute back a small portion of the work that I benefit from when building with the open source ecosystem.

Image of npm-run-all2 dependents

I will be reaching out to a bunch of you individually, but in the meantime if you are seeing this, please reach out! I would love to reconnect to personally catch up and also chat about ideas for work.