Hello world (again) 🌎


This blog has been super quiet lately, sorry about that. I had some grand plans for finishing up my website tools to more seamlessly support blogging.

The other day around 3AM, I woke up and realized that the tools aren’t stopping me from writing, I am. Also my silently implemented policy about not writing about ‘future plans and ideas before they are ready’ was implemented far to strictly. It is in fact a good thing to write about in-progress ideas and projects slightly out into the future. This is realistic, interesting, and avoids the juvenile trap of spilling ideas in front of the world only to see you never realize them. So here I am writing a blog post again.

Anyway, no promises, but it is my goal to write various ahem opinions, thoughts and ideas more often because nothing ever happens unless you write it down.

Some basic updates

Here are some updates from the last couple years that didn’t make it onto this site before.

  • I’m back in California.
  • I moved a bunch (homes, jobs). I bought a home and then sold it. I don’t recommend it!
  • I have a son and a daughter and am married. I recommend this!
  • I started HifiWi.fi
  • The first product is Breadcrum, a bookmarking service with textual and media archiving super powers.
  • HifiWi has subsumed operation of Gumcast, a tool to allow podcasting with GumRoad. Without advertising, it has picked up 100s of users organically from search results.
  • I had a near 2 year tenure at Socket Inc dabbling in GitHub apps and npm security concerns.
  • I’m now working at socketsupply.co on a runtime and P2P full time again. Really happy to be back in this space again.
  • I still work remote and intend to continue working remote.
  • A bunch of my projects are running on my own website/app builder too called top-bun. It’s maybe a 3rd of the way done, but has been useful for about 90% of my needs. I would like to write up a proper blog post about it someday.
  • bcomnes/deploy-to-neocities has 300+ public users deploying websites from GitHub actions to Neocities.
  • My fork bcomnes/npm-run-all2 (co-maintained by voxpelli.com) has picked up 1000+ public dependents.
  • Now that twitter (ahem x) has completely abandoned its charter as an open web website, you can find me posting on @bcomnes@fosstodon.org and @bret.io on bsky. I would like to make this website authoritative though for me posts though.
  • I’m very lucky to have a new office that is a 1 minute walk from home:

pic of the office