Behold, a mildly redesigned and reorganized landing page:

screenshot of the new website

It’s still not great, but it should make it easier to keep it up to date going forward.

It has 3 sections:

  • Featured Projects: important projects of note.
  • Recent Posts: now that this site has proper blog support, I can highlight recent posts on the landing page.
  • Open Source: interesting and notable projects that have found some use and that I still maintain. This section now includes a bunch of open source work from the past year that I’ve never had time to write about.
  • Past projects: inactive projects that are not longer active, but still interesting enough to share.

I removed a bunch of older inactive projects and links and stashed them in a project.

Additionally, the edit button in the page footer now takes you to the correct page in GitHub for editing, so if you ever see a typo, feel free to send in a fix!

Finally, the about page includes a live dump of the dependencies that were used to build the website.